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Rose Cone - Room, Car and Air Freshener

Rose Cone - Room, Car and Air Freshener

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Items- 108 Cone in one case


Camphor Cone is dual purpose - it fills the air around you with delightful, fresh scent, and in some situations its insect repelling properties can help keep mosquitoes away (or put it in your closet to help protect your clothes). No fillers, additives or bases - just 100% Organic Raw Materials, including camphor with the lowest level of impurities, and high-quality fragrance.

Original Cone - Bask in the warm, rich precious-wood aroma of Sandalwood. Experience a unique camphor-based fragrance for 45 days or longer depending on temperature, humidity and wind. The micron-sized granules come in an attractive control release cloth covering (not plastic), which enables the scent to spread and quickly neutralize unpleasant odours.

AMAZING CAR AIR FRESHENER: Hang the camphor cone by its elastic band in your car for instant refreshment. Also works great in bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, or even closets, for a pleasing fresh scent and protection from Mould growth.

NATURAL, ORGANIC, & ECO-FRIENDLY: Camphor Cone is made from an extract of the pine tree (also known as Kapoor) and is therefore a NATURAL and ORGANIC product, making it safe around children and pets.

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