Who we are

Airodo is an Indian Most Popluar Room, Bathroom, Office and Car Freshner production company that came into existence almost 20 years ago substantiating the incomparable quality of its innovative products and the superiority of its service-oriented approach across the middle east. The idea to create such a premium fragrance brand first came into the mind of Mr. Ravinder Hooda, the present Director of the company, who had years of invaluable experience in dealing and working with some of the biggest names in the fragrance industry in both India and abroad. During his trailblazing journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Hooda, invented and introduced many new fragrances, which were hitherto unknown to the world, using his skills, extensive knowledge about fragrances, freshners and enormous experience. It is because of his vast experience on the subject and his able guidance that we at Airodo have been able to formulate some unique and unparalleled products through our deep scientific understanding of human psychology. And in this long journey to excellence, we have been ably supported by Mr. Vinod Sharma, the Head of Indian Operations, who brought with him 33 years of immense leadership experience in helping some of the best fragrance brands in the world lead in highly competitive fragrance markets. Mr. Sharma, who is known in the industry for his path-breaking marketing ideas and for devising out-of-the-box sales concepts and strategies, helped us in furthering the vision of Mr. Hooda of making Airodo a global Fragrance brand.